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SWP No. 137.15

(Susannah Sheldon v. John Willard )

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This this Is the first to bee Read the 9'th of may 1692 this #[this] Is the first to bee Read the testimony of Susanah Shelton Aged 18'ten yers or there About testifieth And saith the day of the date hereof I sawe At natt Ingersons house the Apparitions of thes 4 persons William shaws first wife the widdow Cooke gooman Jons And his Child And Among these Came the Apparition of John Willard to whome these 4 said you have murdered us these 4 haveing said thus to willard thay turned As Red As blood And turning About to look on mee they turned As pale As deth these 4 desiered mee to tell Mr. hathorn J willard hering them pulled out A knif saying If I did hee would Cut my throote the second to be Read

The sam day ther Apeared to mee eleasabath Coolson and shee took a book and would have mee to set my hand to it and I would not and then shee Profered mee a blak Peas of monny and seaid I might touch that and I shall be well -- may the 10 on tusday ther a Peared to mee the sam appearations and another with them In the liknes of a man and they seaid I should Gooe and tell mr hathorn of it then the seaid willard seaid he would break my head and stop my leegs that I should not gooe there did Appeared to Mee a shineing Man whoe tolde I should goe And tell w't I had heard And seen to Mr hathorn this willard being there present tould Mee If I did hee would Cutt my throate At this same time and place this shining man told Mee that If I did goe to tell this to Mr Hathorn that I should bee well goeing And Coming but I should bee Afflicted there then said I to the shining man hunt willard Away And I would beleve what he said that he might not chock mee with that the shining man held up his hand And willard vanished Away about two hours after the sam aPeared to mee againe and the seaid willard with them and I asked them wher ther wonds were and they seaid ther would Com a angell from heaven and would showe them and forth with the angell come I asked what the mans name was that A Peared to mee last and the angell tould his name was Southerek and the angell lifted up his winding sheet and out of his left sid hee Poolled out a Pitchfork tiang and Pot it in again and lik wise hee opened all ther winding Sheets and Showed all ther wound and the whit man tould mee to tell Mr Hathoren of It and I tould him to hunt willard away and I would and he held up his hand and he vanished away

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 97 )