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SWP No. 37.10

( Testimony of John DeRich v. Giles Corey and Sarah Pease ) [?? September 5, 1692

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the testomeny of John derech Eaged about sixten years testefieth
and sayeth that gils Cory also Came to me and aflicted me this 5 of
September as wel be fore as after he al so Came a bout the 20 of
oges and told me that he wanted som platers for he was gowen to
afeast he told me that he had a good mind to ask my dame but he
sayd that she wouled not let him have them so he took the platers
and cared them a way being gown a bout half a oure with them then
he brot them a gaine gowen a way and sayd no thing

also Sary pese afliceth me at several times she Came to me af
the fast day last at Salam She pinched me then and i have not sene
har sencs --

these howes nams are under riton were there and saw the platers
were gown as John derich sayed

hanah small
martha Adams

(Reverse) Jno Derich agt Giles Cory
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 92 )