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SWP No. 37.9

(Statement of Susannah Sheldon v. Giles Corey , Elizabeth Proctor , Sarah Buckley , and John Willard ) [? May 31, 1692

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Susanna.Shelden saith that the Spectre of Giles Corey Murdered
his first wife & would have murdered this to #[only she] if she had not been a
Witch that his first wife gave him nothing but Skim Milke.and I for
one he did it & that Goody Procters Spectre told her she Murdered
her owne child & that it was sick & she did it because she would not
be troubled w'th it & that she allso saies that Goody Buckley & Jno Willard app'd w'th Hen. Wilkins app'en

(Reverse) [lost] Sheldon

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 90. )