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SWP No. 37.9

(Mary Warren v. Giles Corey ) [September 9. 1692 ]

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Mary Warin affirmed: to the Jury of Inquest:that: she hath been
afflicted by Giles Cory or his appearition and that by beating of me
with his staffe: & by: biting me & pinching & choaking me greatly
torturing me & cutting me with a knife. & perticulerly at the time of
his examination he did greviously torment me: also: at the time
of his examination I saw: s'd Cory or his appearition most: dred-
fully afflect: Mary Walcot An putnam. Mercy lewes & Sarah Vibber
Sept'r 9. 1692 ( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 89 )