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SWP No. 38.16

(Deposition of Mercy Lewis v. Martha Corey)

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The Deposistion of Mircy lewes agged about 19 years who testifieth
and saith that I veryly beleve I was bewiched by gooddy Cory on
the: 14'th of March 1691/92 for she then came to the house of
Thomas putnam to se ann putnam whom I was atending and I was
Immediatly taken whill gooddy Cory was their: and Ann putnam
said shee se gooddy Cory bewich me: but I could not se parfitly
who they ware that hurt me tell the 26'th of march and sence that
I have often seen the Aperishtion of goody Cory Come and afflect
me by biting pinching and almost choaking me urging me vehe-
mently to writ in hir book allso I was most dreadfully tortored whill
martha Cory was in Examination being the 21 march and Mary Wal- cott and Elizabeth Hubburd said they saw the Apperishtion of Martha Cory tortor me: and I beleve in my heart that martha Cory is a most
dreadfull wicth and that she hath very often affleted me a[nd]
severall others by hir acts of wicthcraft.

(Reverse) Mircy Lewis against
Martha Cory

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 22a, Massachusetts Historical Society. Boston, )