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SWP No. 38.9

( Deposition of Ephraim Shelden v. Martha Corey )

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[April 10, 1692 ]

The deposition of Ephraim Shelden aged April 10'th 92 20 years
who testefieth. and sayth I this deponent being at the house of Lew-
tent Ingersol when Mercy Lewes was in one of her fits I heard her
cry out of Goodwife Cloyce and when she came to herselfe she was
asked who she saw. she answered she saw no body they demanded
of her whether or noe she did not see. Goodwife Nurse or Goodwife Cloyce or Goodwife Gory . she answered she saw no body./

(Reverse) Eph: Shelden

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 41. )