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SWP No. 68.4

( Deposition of Rachel Tuck and Hannah Cox v. Dorcas Hoar )

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[May 14, 1692 ]

14: 3mo: 1692

The deposition of Rachell Tuck aged about 45 years and Hannah Cox. aged about 30 years these deponants testifie and saith about three years before the date above:named: that Darkis Hoar the wife of William Hoar se'r now deceased., being very sick in hir bed and severall being at that time to watch with hir: namely Christipher Read son in law and his wife and hir daughter Jone Hoar I with severall others: these severall persons being there with said Darkes Hoar to look after hir: and after some time went to the bede side to look after theyr mother and they found hir gon out of the head they knew not how and being affrighted they run out of dor and the last person that went out goodde Hoar seat upon the stayrs or lador and held her fast and the person that was held fast Cried out-farther Hannah Cox one of the deponants before mentioned saith that the persons: that rune out of the hous in afright weare affraid for some time to goe into the hows but after a while did go in and made lite to se who it was that held the person that said shee was held fast and they found it to be goodde Hoar sitting pon the stayers or lador dressed with hir clothes and hat & cloke on

note: this above written was decleard to the two above said deponants at the hows of Thomas Cox by Jone Hoar doughter to dorkes: and farther saith not --

Jurat in Curia.
(Reverse) Rachele Tuck and Hannah Cox Contra G. Hoare
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 206 )