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SWP No. 72.17

(Testimony of Isaac Cummings, Jr. v. Elizabeth How )

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[June 28, 1692. ]

June 28th 1692.

The testimony of Isack Comings Juner aged about 27 years Testifieth & Saith that James Hough Juner came to my fathers house when he was not att home he asked me if my father had Ever a hors & I told him no he asked me if he had Ever a maer & I told him yesh he asked me if I Thought my father would Lend him his maer & I told him I did not Think he would upon w'ch in a short Tyme after my father & mother Ridd their maer to Their Neighbours house the same maer w'ch s'd hough would have Borowed w'ch semingly was well when my fath'r & moth'r came home I seeing the same s'd maer the nex morning could Judge noe other butt. that she had bin Rid the other part of that night or oth'r wayes horibly abused upon w'ch my fath'r seeing what a Condition his maer was in sent for his Broth'r Thomas Andros w'ch when he came he giv her severall Things w'ch he Thought to be good for her butt did her not any good upon w'ch he said he would try one Thing moer w'ch was a pipe & some tobacou w'ch he aplid to her Thinking itt might doe her good againt the Belly ake -- Thinking that might be her diszease w'ch when they used the pipe w'th Tobacco in itt abought the s'd maer the pipe being Litt itt Blazed so much that itt was as much as Two persons Could putt itt ought with both of Their hands upon w'ch my father said wee will Trye no more brother my Uncle s'd he would trye once more w'ch he did the pipe being Litt the fyer Blazed out of the same s'd pipe more vehemently then before upon w'ch my father answerd he had Rather Loose his maer than his barn the very nex night folloing the s'd maer folloing my father in his barn from one side to the other side fell down emediatly Dead against the sell of the barn befor my fath'r had well Cleerd him selfe from her. furth'r saith not

(Reverse) Isak Cumins

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol 1. no. 133 )