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SWP No. 72.18

( Testimony of Mary Cummings v. Elizabeth How )

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[June 27, 1692 ]

Jun 27 1692 The disposition of mary commings the wif of isaac commins sen'r aged about sixty yers or thare abouts who teseifieth and saith my hus band not being at home I was sent to by som parsons of ipswegent to me for to have me to write what I cold say of James how jun'r his wife elesbeth conscarning her life or conversation and that I would say what I cold say for or against her when the said hows wife sought to ajoyn with [the] the church at ipsweg and I spoke to my son Isaac to write that we hade used no brimston nor oyl nor no combustabls to give to our maer becaus thare was a report that the said hows wife hade said [thay] we hade givin the mear brimston and oyl and the like and a short time after I hade writen my testemony con sarning this hows wife my son Isaac his maer was mising that he could not find her in to or thre days. and in a short time after my son isaacs maer came in sight not fare from the hous and my son isaac praid me to go out and look on his maer when I came to her he asked me what I thought on her and I said if he wold have my thoughts i could not compair it to nothing elec but that she was riden with a hot bridil #[I said also to isaac that I hered that the said] for she hade divirses bruses as if she had bin over rocks an much wronged and where the bridel went was as if it hade bin burnt with a #[rade] hot bridel then I bide isaac take the mare and have her up amongst the nagbours that people might see her for I hered that James how jun'r or his wife or both hade said that we kept up our maer that popel might not see her and isaac did show his maer to saveril and then the said how as i hered did report that isac had riden to Lin spring and caryed his gairl and so surfited the maer the which was not so

Mary Comins owned this har testimony to be truth before the Juryars for Inquest: this. 29 of June: 1692