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SWP No. 72.19

(Testimony of Mary Cummings )

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[June 27, 1692 ]

Jun 27 1692

I mary comins ageed abut sixty yers or that abouts the wife of isaac comins syne'r I being at my naigbours sam parlys hous samuel parlys daugter hannah being in a straing condition asked me if i did not see goodee how in the hous going round upon the wall as the gur[l] dricted her finger along round in won place and another of the hous #[and the girl] asked me if i did not[t] I teled her no I loked as dilegently as i cold and i could see nothing of her the gurls mother then did chek her and told her she was alwas full of such Kind of notions and bid her hold her toung then she told her mother she would belive it one day and somthing mor which shold have bin mantioned as the gaur[l] poynted to show me whare goode how was she asked me if I did not se her go out at that crak which she poynted at

Mary Comins owned this har testimony one har oath to be the truth before the Juriars of Inquest: this 29. of June: 92 Jurat in Curia