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SWP No. 119.7

(Deposition v. Margaret Scott)

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Mary Waren: and Eliz. Hubbert both: Affirmed
upon their oaths: that: they saw: Margret Scott:
afflict Mary Daniell: of Rowley: before the grand Inquest
this they owned to: the grand Inquest Sept'r: 15:
Mary Warin s'd: s'd Scott hurt: her s'd Warin also:
before: the grand Inquest.
Eliz. Hubbert sayd that Margret Scott: afflicted her:
before the grand Inquest: Sept'r: the: 15: 1692.
Jurat in Curia.

An: Putnam: and Mary Warin affirmed to the grand
Inquest: that: they saw Margret: Scott: afflict: Fran- ces Wycom: in presence of the grand Inquest: Sept'r:
15: 1692 upon their othes also that s'd Scott: afflicted:
s'd Frances Wycom: before in Salem.
Jurat in Curia by Ma. Warrin.

Thomas Gage, The History of Rowley. (Boston: Ferdinand Andres, 1840) 173-174