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SWP No. 137.34

(Mercy Lewis v. John Willard )

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The Deposistion of Mircy Lewes who testifieth and saith that I have often seen the Apperishtion of John Willard amongst the wicthes with in this three weeks: but he did not doe me much hurt tell the 11'th of may 1692 and then he fell upon me most dreadfully and [did] most greviously afflect me allmost redy to kill me urgeing me most vehemently to writ in his book: and so he hath continewed ever sence att times tortoring me most dreadfully beating and pinching me and allmost Ready to choak me threating to kill if I would not writ in his book: also I being caried to wi[lls] hill on the 14'th of may att evening to see the afflected parsons there I saw there the Apperishtion of John willard greviously afflecting his grandffather wilknes: and I also saw the apperishtion of John willard there greviously afflecting the body of Daniell wilknes who laid speachles and in a sad condition and John willard tould me he would kill Daniell wilknes with in Two days if he could: also I was at Henry wilknes the 16 may a little before night and their I saw the apperishtion of John willard a choaking Daniell wilknes also on the 18'th may being #[ing] the day of his examination I was most greviously tortored by him dureing the time of his examination for if he did but look upon me he struck me down or almost choaked me to death and severall times sence the Apperishtion of John willard has most greviously afflected me by beating pinching and allmost choaking me to death: also dureing the time of his examination I saw the Apperishtion of John willard goe from him and afflect the bodyes of Mary Wolcott Abigail williams Elizabeth Hubburd and Ann putnam Jun'r

(Reverse) Mercy Lewis ag't John Willard

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 107 )