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SWP No. 16.9

(Ann Putnam Jr. v. Mary Bradbury )

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[September 8, 1692]

[The d]eposition of Ann putnam who testifieth and saith that
I being at [A]ndevour on the 26 day of July 1692 I saw there Mis Mary [Brad]bery the wife of Capt Tho: Bradbery of Salisbury or
hir [App]erance most grevious afflecting and tormenting of Timothy Swan of Andevor allmost Redy to kill him also severall times before
and sence that time I have seen mist. Bradbery or hir Apperance
most greviously [aff] afflecting Timothy Swan and I beleve that Mis Bradbery is a most dreadfull wicth for sence she has been in prison she
or hir Apperance has com to me and most greviously #[affafflected] me
ann putnam ownid before the grand Inquest this har evidens to be
the truth one the oath that she hath taken: this: 8 day of September

(Reverse) Anna putnam

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft, vol. 2 no. 77.)