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SWP No. 25.3

(Examination of Richard Carrier )

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[July 22, 1692]

Richard Carriers: Confession July 22: 1692

Q. have you bin in the devils snare A: yes. Q. is yo'r bro: Andrew
ensnared by the devils snare: A Yes how long has yo'r brother bin
a witch: A: not long: Q. have you joined in aflicting the aflicted
persons: A: Yes: Q. you help't to hurt: Timo: Swan: did you A yes.
Q. how long: have you bin a wich: A abo't five weeks: who was in
Company when you Covnanted with the devill: A Mrs Bradbery
did she help you afflict: yes: what was the ocasion: mrs Bradbery:
would have to afflict Timo. Swan: A becaus: her husband & Timo Swan fell out about a scyth: I think: Q. did they not fall out about
thaching of a barn: to A no not as I know of Q. who was att the
Villadge meeting when you was there. A goodwife How : goodwife Nurs g wildes , Procter: & his wife mrs Bradbery : & Gorys wife: Q:
was any of Boston there A no: Q how many was there in all: A: a
duzzen I think: was Jno Willard there A I think he was: Q. what kind
of man is Jno willard: a young man or an old man A he is not an old
man: he had black hair Q what meeting was this meeting: was this:
that: that was near: Ingersals: A Yes I think Q. what did they do
then. A. the: eat & they drank wine: was there: a minister. there A.
no: not as I know of: whence had you your wine: A. from Salem I
think was from Q. goodwife Olliver there: yes I knew her

( Essex County Archives Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 No. 111 )