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SWP No. 31.1

(Complaint of Robert Swan and John Swan v. Mary Clarke )

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[August 3, 1692]

The Complaint of Roburt swane and John swane of Andevor against
Mary Clarke the wife of Edward Clarke of #[Haverhill]: In behalf of
Their Majesties: for themselves and severall of their neighbors: for
High suspition of sundry acts of witchcraft by hir latly commited on
the bodys of Timothy Swwane of Andevor and Mary Walcott and
Ann Putnam of Salem village wherby much hurt hath ben don the
afore said afflicted persons and theirfore they crave justis

*Robert Swan
This Complaint was brought to me (by Robert Swan of Andov'r)
the 3'd day of August Anno Domini 1692 & bond given for the
prossecution thereof before, the Worship'l justices of Peace att salem:
upon which I gave, a writt of Apprehension:
* Dudley Bradstreet Just's Peace
( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 156, Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts )