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SWP No. 114.11

( Sarah Dodd v. Wilmott Reed )

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Sarah Dod: Affirmed: upon her oath to the grand Inquest: that: she heard: M'rs Simse threatned to have Wilmot Redd: before a Majestrate. for some of s'd Redds misdemeanures. s'd Redd. wisht s'd Simse might never any wayes ease nature before she did it: & soon after; to this deponan'ts knowledge it fell out with: M'rs Simse: according s'd Redds wish

this she ownd before: s'd Jury of inquest: Sept'r 14: 1692

(Reverse) Sarah Dodd evidence agst Willmott Redd

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 6 )