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SWP No. 114.5

(Summons for Witnesses)

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Essex ss. W'm & Mary by the Grace of God. of England Scotland france & Ireland King & Queen defend'rs of the faith &c'a

To the Sheriff of Essex Or deputy or Constable of Marblhead


Wee Comand you to Warne & give Notice unto the wife & daughter of Thomas Dodd the Wife & daughter of Thomas Ellis John Caley David Shapley Wife & daughter John Chinn. Marthah Beale, Elias Henly jun'r & wiffe. Benjamin Gale, Joane Bubbee, Charity Pittman, & Jacob Wormwood, That they & Every of them be and personaly appear at the Court of Oyer and Terminer holden at Salem to morrow at Eight of the Clock in the Morning #(to morrow) there to Testify the Truth to the best of your knowledge on Severall Indictments Exhibited against Wilmot Redd hereof Make return fail not dated in Salem Sep'r 13'th 1692. & in the fourth yeare of Our Reign:

*Stephen Sewall Cle Wilmot Redd


I have warn & sumonsed all the persons withinmentiond accordingly except John Calley & Ellis henly who are at sea, & beni. gale not well Sept'ber the 14'th by 7 aclock in the morning

P mee *James Smith Cons't in Marblehead

(Reverse) Wilmot Redd/

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 4 )