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SWP No. 136.14

( Thomas Dorman v. Sarah Wilds )

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the deposition of Thomas Dorman aged 53 yers saith #(than) goody wils was arnest with me to by one hive of beese #(ofme and I) and sins goodwife wils had thes beese I lost many Creturs and she Came to my hous one day and said She how doth your #(doe) geese thrive and she went to the pen whare thay were fatting, and thay were very fat and we Cept #(the) them a grat while longer feding them with Corne and thay pind away so as thay were good for litle and I lost six brave Cattle six yere agoe which was frozen to death in the midell of jenewary now sum time this summer my wif went to salem vilidg and my wife tould me that an putman the aflicted parsun tould hur that #(goodf) goodwife wils had whoried away my Cattell and I wondred an putman should know I lost my Cattle so long agoe

Jurat in Curia
(On reverse side of paper) Thomas Dorman.
( Essex Institute MSS. Collection )