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SWP No. 92.22

( Robert Downer v. Susannah Martin )

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[June 30 1692]

The deposion of Robert Downer of Salsbery aged 52 years who testify and say

That several years ago susanna martin the then wif of Georg martin being brought to Court for a wich the said Downer having som words with her (she at that time attending mrs. Light at Salsbury) This deponent among other things told her be leeved that shee was a wich by w't was s'd or wittnesd against her at w'ch shee seeming not well afected s'd that a or some shee devel woold fech him away shortly at w'ch this deponent was not much moved: but at night as he lay in his bed in his owne house alone ther came at his window the liknes of a catt and by and by com up to his bed took fast hold of his throt and Lay hard upon him a Consderibl while and was lik to throtl him at Length he minded w't susana martin thretned him with the day be fore he strove w't he coold and sayd avoyd thou shee divell in the name of the father & the son & the holy Ghost & then itt Lett him go & slumpt down upon the flower and went out at window againe

he farther sayth that the next morning befor ever he [he] had sayd any thing of it som of that family asked him about it (as from her owne)

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 191.)