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SWP No. 63.18

( Testimony of William Batten and William Shaw v. Sarah Good and Lydia Dustin )

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[June 28, 1692 ]

The testimony of William Batten aged 76 years or their abouts and william shaw aged about 50 years and Deborah his wife aged about 40 years, these all testifie and say that this day was a weeke agoe. Susannah shelding being at the house of william shaw shee was tied her hands a cross in such a manner we were forced to cut the string before we could git her hand loose and when shee was out of her fit she told us it [was] Goode dastin that did tye her hands after that manner, and 4 times shee hath been tyed in this manner in towe weeks time the 2 first times shee sayth it was goode dastin and the 2 last times it was Sarah Goode that did tye her, we furder testifie that when ever shee doeth but touch this string shee is presently bit.

We furder testifie that in this time there was a broome carried a way out of the house in visibble to us and put in a apple tree two times and a shirt once and a milke tube once was carried out of the house three poles from the house into the woods and she #[testifieth that] sayeth that it

thes parsons above named upon their oath ownid this their tistimony to be the truth before us the Juriars for Inqwest this. 28. of June: 1692

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) W'm. Batten Con. Good
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 17 )