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SWP No. 52.1

(Examinations of Abigail Faulkner, Sr. )

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[August 11, 1692 ]

Abig'l Folkner examined August. 11: 1692 .

Mr Hauthorn; Mr Corwin: & Cap: Higginson pressent when she was
brought into the room: the afflicted persons fell down Mr Ha: You
are:heare: aprehended:for:witchcraft: but Answ'd: I know nothing
of it with: the cast of her eye: mary:walcot: & the rest afflicted:
mary waren and others fell down: it was s'd to her do you not see:
she s'd yes but it is the devill dos it in my shape: mary Walcot s'd
she had seen her 2 monthes a good while agoe but was not hurt
by her till last night: An Putnam sayd she had seen s'd falkn'r but
was not hurt by her till last night & then she pulld me off my hors:
mary warin s'd she had seen her in company with other witches:
but was not hurt by her till lately

Mary Warin & others of the afflicted: were struck down into:
fitts & Helped up out of their fitts by a touch of Abig'l folkn'rs
hand: she was urged to confes the truth:for the creddit of hir Town:
her Cou[zbar ] Eliz Jonson urged her: with that: but: she refused to do it
saying god would not: require her to confess that: that she was not
gilty of Phelpses daughter complayned her afflicting her: but: she
denyed: that she had any thing to doe with witchcraft she s'd falkn'r
had a cloth in her hand: that when she squeezed in her hand the
afflicted; fell into greevous fits: as was observed: the afflicted sayd
Dan'll Eames & Capt floyd was upon that cloth when it was upon
the table

She sayd she was sorry they were afflicted: but she was told
& it was observd she did not shed a tear: mary waren was pulld und'r
the table & was helpd out of her fitt by a touch of s'd faulkn'r she
s'd she had looked on some of these afflicted: when they came to
Andov'r & hurt them not: but she was told it was before she had
began to afflict them: she was told that it was reported she used
to Conjure with a seiv: but she s'd it was not so that story:was
cleared up:

August 30, 1692 Abig'l Fokner: before: their Majestt's Justices
at first denyed witchcraft as she had done before: but afterward:
she owned: that: she was Angry at what folk s:d when her Cou[zbar ]
Eliz. Jonson was taken up: & folk laught & s'd her sister Jonson
would come out next: & she did look with an evil eye on the af-
flicted persons & did consent that they should be afflicted: becaus
they were the caus of bringing her kindred out: and she did wish
them ill & her spirit being raised she did:pinch her hands together:
& she knew not but that the devil might take that advantage but it
was the devil not she that afflicted them: this she s'd she did at
Capt Chandlers garison: the Night after: Eliz Jonson had bin ex-
amined before Capt Bradstreet in the day

This is the substance of what s'd Abig'l folkners examination
was: taken out of my Charackters:

*Simon Willard

The aboves'd Examination was before John Hathorne Just peace
Abigaiel Falknors Examination
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 no. 40. )