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SWP No. 44.3

( Statement of Mary Walcott , Mary Warren, and Ann Putnam, Jr. v. Rebecca Eames )

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[Sept 15: 1692 ]

Mary Walcott affirmed to the grand Inquest: that Rebecca Eames:
hath afflicted her at the time of her examination this she ownd: Sept 15: 1692

Mary Warren: & Ann Putnam: affirmed that Rebecca: Eames: did
afflict Mary Walcott at the time of her examination: this they owned
Sept 15. 1692.

(On Reverse)

Sept 15 1692
Affirmation agt. Rebecca Eames
of }
Mary Walcott
Mary Warren
Ann Putnam {

( MS Am 1147.2, Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. )