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SWP No. 44.6

(Petition of Rebecca Eames for Pardon)

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[December 5, 1692 ]

The humble Petition of Rebecka Eames unto his Excellencye S'r:
W'm: Phipps knight & Govern'r of their Majestyes Dominions in
America humbly sheweth

That wheras your Poor and humble petitioner having been
here closely confined in Salem prison neare four monthes and
likewise Condemned to die for the crime of witchcraft w'ch the
Lord above he knowes I am altogether innocent and ignorant
off as will appeare att the great day of Judgment having had no
Evidences against me but the Spectre Evidences and my owne
confession w'ch the Lord above knowes was altogether false
and untrue I being hurried out of my Senses by the Afflicted
persons. Abigaill Hobbs and Mary Lacye who both of them
cryed out against me charging me with witchcraft the space of
four dayes mocking of me and spitting in my face saying they
knew me to be an old witch and If I would not confesse it I
should very Spedily be hanged for there was some such as my
selfe gone before and it would not be long before I should fol-
low them w'ch was the Occasion with my owne wicked heart of
my saying what I did say: and the reason of my standing to my
confession att my tryall was: That I know not one word w't
I said when I was upon my Tryall att what the honourd Majes-
tr'ts said to me but only the Name of Queen Mary: But may it
please yo'r Excellencye: when mr Matther and mr Brattle were
here in Salem they disowned w't they before had said against me
and doe still owne and say w't they had sayd against me was
Nothing but the Divells delusions and they knew nothing in
the least measure of any witchcraft by me: your poor and
humble petition'r doe begg and Implore of yo'r Excellencye to
Take it into yo'r Pious and Judicious consideration To Graunt
me A Pardon of my life Not deserving death by man for wich-
craft or any other Sin That my Innocent blood may not be shed
and your poor and humble petitioner shall for ever pray as she is
bound in duty for yo'r health & happinesse in this life and
eternall felicity in the world to come So prayes

Your poor and humble petition'r

*Rebecka: Eames

from Salem prison
Decem the 5th: 1692
( Salem Selections, Manuscripts and Archives Division, New York Public Library. )