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SWP No. 124.2

(John Parker and Josiah Eaton v. Mary Taylor )

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Sworne in Court [

Jno Parker
Josuah Eaton

say that Mary Taylor threatened. them saying they were high but they should have a downefall and used other thretening words

and allso thretened Goodwif Marshall saying shee was the Cause of her displeasure aginst them and they should see what would becom of her for her [And parting] god would deceive her the said Parker said her god what do you mean by her god I doubt you have been somewhere to often / but afterward goeing home #(his sons) ward one came runing and sed his son was redy to dy and he was prest allmost Choked. and his wife s'd that if he the s'd Parker did not goe to Mary #(tootheaker) Taylor #(?) her husband would die #(he Imediately went and) & so soone as shee had nameded her s'd Parkers name his son became well Imideately and sundry times his son was #(sundry) strangly handled and was som times blind on one Ey and som times #(?) on the other Ey // And the s'd Eaton swears to all but what relates to s'd Parkers #(son) son.

( Suffolk Court Records Case No. 2710 Page 43 )