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SWP No. 32.6

( Testimony of Mary Edwards v. Rachel Clenton )

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[+ April 4, 1692 ]

Ipswich April the 4'th 1692

The testimony of Mary Edwards ageed about 52 yeres testifieth
& Saith that abought the 27'th day: of: this Last Dissember 1691 that
Rachell CLenton came to our houes & was very importinat with me
the s'd Mary: to have Rome in our house to kepe share but I tould:
har the s'd Rachell that there were no wages: provided to acommedat
har tharfore she -- must Rest har seat contented:)& at: this time: I
the s'd Mary was mackeing of BLood pudens: and she the above
s'd Rachell siting by the fier) by: her discorse had a great dissire to
have sum of that pudens: saying that it was very good foode:
& that she loved it very: well: so I the s'd mary gave: her: the s'd
Rachell one of the pudens: the which she Reseaved vary: sCornfully:
& quickly after rose up: out of her seate & went a way: muttering
but what she said I coulld not tell: but about the Latter end of Jin-
nywary : the s'd Edwards : had nine pigges: that ware a bout eight
weckes oulld that ware: tacken suddenly: five of them: &: died
& a bout a fortnight after that the s'd Edwards : had thre: yerelings
tacken sudently that semed to be very harty: & was: in good: Case:
but sudenly was tacken with unusuall fittes: Jumping & Roreing till
thay tumbled downe with in a Littell tim after one a nother) as: to:
the Latter part of this testymony Releating to the death of my pigges:
& yearings I can attest two

John s edwards, sen'r his


& furthermore mary: edwards: heard sum of her Children aske the s'd
Reachell how har hands ceame so: be Scracht: & swelled so & she:
made: This answar & said that she: had two or thre: Roges: catts:
that when she put downe her hand would scratch it:
( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 60, Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts )