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SWP No. 16.10

( Deposition of Samuel Endicott v. Mary Bradbury )

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[September 9, 1692 ]

Sam'll Endecott aged thirty one years or thereabout Testifies
Thatt about eleven years since being bound upon a vioage to sea
w'th Capt Sam'll Smith Late of Boston Diceas'd, just before we
sayl'd mrs Bradbery of Salisbury the prisoner now att the barr came
to Boston w'th some firkins of butter of w'ch Capt Smith bought
two, one of them proved halfe way butter and after wee had been att
sea three weekes our men. were nott able to eat itt, itt stanck soe
and runn w'th magotts, w'ch made the men very much disturb'd
about itt and would often say thatt they heard mrs Bradbury was a
witch and thatt they verily beleived she was soe or else she would
nott have served the Capt soe as to sell him such butter. And further
this deponent Testifieth that in four dayes after they sett sayle they
mett w'th such a violent storm that we lost our main mast and rig-
gin & Lost fifeteen horses and thatt about a fortnight after we sett
our jury mast and thatt very night there came up a Shipp by our side
and Carried away two of the mizon shrouds and one of the Leaches
of the mainsaile: and this deponent further sayth thatt after they
arived att Barbados and went to Saltitudos & had Laden their vessell
the next morning she sprang a leake in the hold w'ch wasted sevrall
tunns of salt in soe much thatt we were forct to unlade our ves-
sell again wholy to stopp our leake there was then four foot of
water in the hold after we had taken in our lading again we had a
good passage home butt when we came near the Land the Capt
sent this deponent forward to looke out for land in a bright moone
shining night and as he was [Reverse] sitting upon the windless he heard a
Rumbling noise under him w'th thatt he the s'd deponent Testi-
fieth Thatt he looked one the side of the windless and saw the leggs
of some [pbar ]son being no wayes frighted & Thatt presently he was
shook and looked over his shoulder, & saw the appearance of a wom-
an from her middle upwards, haveing a white Capp and white neck-cloth on her, w'ch then affrighted him very much, and as he was
turning of the windless he saw the aforsaid two leggs.