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SWP No. 50.2

(Indictment v. Thomas Farrer Sr. for Afflicting Ann Putnam Jr. Returned Ignoramus)

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[+ January 12, 1693 ]

Essex in the Province of the Massachusets Bay in New England Anno RRs & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c Quarto Anno'qe Domini: 1692

The Juriors for our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King and Queen doe
present that Thomas Pharoh -- of Linn In the County of Essex
husbandman -- the 10th of May In the yeare aforesaid and Divers
other Dayes and Times as well before as after Certaine Detestable
Arts called Witchcraft and Sorceries wickedly malitiously & felon-
iously hath used practised and Exersised at and in the Towne of
Salem in the County of Essex aforesaid in and upon and against one
Ann Putnam of Salem. Singlewoman by which said wicked acts the
Said Ann Putnam The day and year aforesaid and Divers other Dayes
and Times both before and after was and is tortured afflicted Con-
sumed wasted Pined and Tormented against the peace of our Sover-
aigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen their Crowne & Dignity and
the law in that Case made & Provided

Ann Putnam
Elizabeth Hubbard
Sarah Vibber

*Robert Payne
cleared by proclamation
paying fees
( Suffolk Court Records Files vol. 31, docket 2667 p. 149 )