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SWP No. 52.11

(Petition of Abigail Faulkner Sr. for a Pardon )

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[December 3, 1692]

The humblee Petition of Abigall: Falkner unto his Excellencye
S'r W'm Phipps knight and Govern'r of their Majestyes Dominions in
America: humbly sheweth

That your poor and humble Petitioner having been this four monthes
in Salem Prison and condemned to die having had no other evidences
against me but the Spectre Evidences and the Confessors w'ch Con-
fessors have lately since I was condemned owned to my selfe and
others and doe still own that they wronged me and what they had
said against me was false: and that they would not that I should have
been put to death for a thousand worldes for they never should have
enjoyed themselves againe in this world; w'ch undoubtedly I shouled
have been put to death had it not pleased the Lord I had been with
child. Thankes be to the Lord I know my selfe altogether Innocent
& Ignorant of the crime of witchcraft w'ch is layd to my charge: as
will appeare at the great day of Judgment (May it please yo'r Ex-
cellencye ) my husband about five yeares a goe was taken w'th fitts
w'ch did very much impaire his memory and understanding but
w'th the blessing of the Lord upon my Endeavors did recover of
them againe but now through greife and sorrow they are returned
to him againe as bad as Ever they were: I having six children and
having little or nothing to subsist on being in a manner without a
head to doe any thinge for my selfe or them and being closely con-
fined can see no otherwayes but we shall all perish Therfore may it
please your Excellencye your poor and humble petition'r doe hum-
bly begge and Implore of yo'r Excellencye to take it into yo'r pious
and Judicious consideration that some speedy Course may be taken
w'th me for my releasement that I and my children perish not
through meanes of my close confinement here w'ch undoubtedly we
shall if the Lord does not mightily prevent and yo'r poor petitioner
shall for ever pray for your health and happinesse in this life and
eternall felicity in the world to come so prayes

Your poor afflicted humble sevants Petition'r

*Abigall: Falkner

Salem Prison
Dece[mbar ] the 3d: 1692
(Reverse) Thes[ebar ]: To his Excellencye
S'r W'm Phipps knight and Govern'r of their Majestyes Dominions in
( Salem Selections, Massachusetts Box, Essex Co., Manuscripts & Archives, New York Public Library. )