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SWP No. 87.3

(Examination of Richard Carrier )

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Q. Rich'd can you name any that ware at the mettings A. Jno. Willard Jno. Procter & his Wife Goody Nurse . Goodman Gory & his wife. Goody. how Mrs Bradbery & Goody Oliver &c. -- Jno. Willard Is a black hared Man of a Midle Statture & he told me his Name -- we heard a drum & Mary Lacey heard the Same -- Mary Lacey In a bad fitt Rich'd Sayd an kurse upon her & S'd. further that that man was at Salem Village Metting -- I was w'th ballards wife I Think I have afflicted 3 at the Village -- 2 in the Ministers house one of them a grown person the other a Child the growne person was the Mrs of the house, the Younger person was one Abigail Williams also Mary Walkutt on Wednesday last, I doe it by Roling up a handcherchif & Soe Imagining to be a representation of a person -- the Divel Doth it Some times the Divell Sturred Me Up to hurt the Ministers Wife -- I was Baptized at the falls at Newberry in the River he dipt my head into the Watt'r. but doe not Remember w't he S'd there were not above 7 Baptiz'd Viz Mrs Brad'y Goody Nurse Goody How -- When they Signed the book the Divel told them they Should over Come & Prevail the witches are all afaird they Shall al Come out & the Divel threatens if I come not Unto this Quarrell he will tear me in peaces -- After this Rich'd would take the afflicted persons by the hand w'th out hurting of them & asked forgiveness --