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SWP No. 24.18

( Testimony of Andrew Foster v. Martha Carrier , Mary Toothaker , and -- Toothaker)

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[+ August 3, 1692]

The tistimony of Andrew foster aged about 55 who saith that some
time Last may I being at the hous of Thomas Carrier I was saieing
that I hard that when Timothy oosgood and his Brother Samuell
want to Salam the other day thay goeing to Let Engerson one of the
afflicted maides lucked out and asked what thay brought them three
woman behind them fore thay asked what woman the maid sayd
Goodwife Carrier goodwife Touthacor and hir dughter and thay goe-
ing into Engerson hous thay askeed the maide where goodwife car- rier was shee Answared thar shee sits by you upon the table upon
which the maide had a fitt: which #[almost] twisted her nick
almost round of. then goodwife carrier Answared no it is no matter
if hir nicke had ben quite of if shee sayd I was thiere