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SWP No. 59.2

(Testimony of Mary Walcott v. Ann Foster )

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[September 13, 1692]

Mary Walcot affirmed to the Jury of Inquest: that Ann Foster: of Andover: has afflicted her: both: before her examination: and at her examination & since: that time by biting pinching & choaking of her s'd Walcot also sayth she has:seen her s'd Foster afflict: Eliz Hubbert: at the time of her examination: by choaking & pinching of her: & #[that] she beleeved Foster is a witch: & that: she hath afflicted me & Eliz Hubbard by witchcraft #[Sept'r 13: 16] upon her oath

Sept'r 13: 1692

Eliz Hubbart. Affirmed to the Jury of Inquest: th't Ann Foster: both before: and at her examination & after hath afflicted her: she also affirmed: that she saw s'd Ann Foster or her apperition afflict Mary Walcot & Ann putnum: & she ses she verily beleeves: An Foster is a witch & that she s'd Foster: did afflict her & the above named persons by witchcraft upon her oath: Sept't 13 1692

Mary Warin affirmed to the Jury of Inquest: that she saw Ann Foster or her Apperition: afflict: Mary Wallcot & Eliz Hubbert : & she also: afflicted me s'd Warin: before the Jury of Inquest: & I veryly believe s'd Foster is a witch & th't she --

Afflicted me & the persons mentioned: by Witchcraft upon her out Sept'r

( MS Am 1147.1, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. )