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SWP No. 76.3

(Examination of John Jackson, Sr. )

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Jno Jaxon sen'r examined Before their Majest's Justices In salem August 27th 1692 Jno. Hawthorne Esq'rs & others

The afflicted persons fell into a bad fitt: before s'd Jaxon came into the room & s'd he is coming

Ques. Jno Jaxon why do you afflict these persons A I desire to Cry to God to keep both me & mine from this sin: I never did it since the Day I was born.

Jno Jaxon you are here accused for hurting Martha Spreag & Rose foster by witchcraft A. I am inocent.

Mary Warren was asked if ever s'd Jaxon had afflicted: her: she s'd yes.

Martha Spreag: is this: the man that afflicted you: A. Yes he hurt my throat last night He hath afflicted me: ever since I came Downe with the three: that Confessed one night it was s'd to s'd Jaxon if you be Inocent: You can look upon them that are afflicted but: Martha Spreag was struck Down: when he looked: & was Recovered out of her fitt with s'd Jaxons touch of his hand: the like was done by Mary Warin it was sayd to him: look how you afflict them: but he s'd no indeed I never Did it but: here is witnes against you: & Hannah Post was Called: but s'd Jaxon s'd he never: knew nothing of it: but Hannah Post: sayd she had seen him at the witch meeting at Andover[r] & that he Drank there: she sayd: that he & his son was in hast to be gone: and away: they went: s'd Post was a little afflicted when s'd Jaxon looked on her: for he was to look right on her: when he was bid: but looked downward: Mary Walcot: sayd. she Saw s'd Jaxon at: the witch meeting at Chandlers of Andover: but he never had hurt her: but was at that meeting where: Mr Borroughs: had exorted them: and puld off his hat & took his leave of them & s'd. Jaxon took his leav of Mr Borroughs: Ann Putnam: s'd: & hoped he should see him. again: but Mr Borroughs thout not: but Mary Walcot & Ann Putnam both fell into a fitt: sarah Bridges was brought in: & fell into a fitt and s'd Jaxon took her by: the hand & she was well presently: but s'd she knew not the man: Mary Lasey was asked: Doe you know this man: s'd Yes I saw him last night: & fell into a fitt: Richard Carrier s'd he saw s'd Jaxon last night: but Jaxon s'd he was at work at Cap. Wicoms of Rowley last night he s'd these persons was not in their Right mind: Mary Warin was struck Down [& s'd she was struck down] & s'd she was struck on the head: a Cloud was seen to Come: through her head cloathes Jaxon was charged with acting wich craf before them but he s'd he did it not nor would not own that ever the Devil had babtized him but when s'd Jaxon was Carried out the afflicted was much hurt: & Rich'd Carrier was halled almost und'r the bed.

I underwritten being appoynted by authority to testify in wryting the above examination Doe testify upon oath taken in court that this is true coppy of the substance of it to the best of my Knowledge. 7th July 1692 -- 3

*Simon Willard

owned before the Grand Jury 7. Jan'y: 1692 *Robert Payne foreman:

( Suffolk Court Files, docket no. 2704, p. 27 )