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SWP No. 133.1

(Examination of Samuel Wardwell )

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The Examination and Confession of Sam'll wardwell. taken Sept 1st 92. before John Higginson Esq one of theire maj'ties Justices of peace for the County of Essex

After the returneing of negative answers to severall questions He said he was sensible he was in the snare of the devil, He used to be much discontented that he could get no more work done, and that he had been foolishly Led along with telling of fortunes, which sometymes came to pass, He used also when any creature came into his field to bid the devil take it, Snd it may be the devil took advantage of him by that

Constable foster of Andover said that this wardwell told him once in the woods that when he was a young man he could make all his cattell come round about him when he pleased. The said wardwell being urged to tell o truth he proceided thus, That being once in a discontented frame he saw some catts together with the appearance of a man who called himself a prince of the aire & promised him he should live comfortably and be a captain and requyred said wardwell to honor him which he promised to doe, and it was about twenty yeares agoe. He said the reason of his discontent then was because he was in love with a maid named Barker who slighted his love, And the first appearance of the catt then was behind Capt bradstreets house, about a week after that A black man appeared in the day tyme at the same place and called himself prince and lord and told him the said wardwell he must worship and beleeve him, and promeised as above, with this addition that he should never want for any thing but that the black man had never performed any thing, And further that when he would goe to prayer in his family the devil wold begin to be angry He saith also that at that tyme when the devil appeared & told him he was prince of the aire that then he syned his book by makeing a mark like a square with a black pen and that the devil brought him the pen & Ink He saith further he Covenanted with the devil untill he should arryve to the age of sixty yea's and that he is now about the age of 46 yea's. And at that tyme the devil promeised on his part as is above exprest, he said it was about a 4'tnight agoe since he began to afflict, And confesses that mary Lilly and Hannah Tayler of Ridding were of his company Further he saith that martha Sprague was the first he afflicted, that the devil put him upon it and threatned him thereunto

And that he did it by pincheing his coat & buttons when he was discontented, and gave the devil a co[mbar ]ission so to doe, He sayes he was baptised by the black man at Shaw shin river alone and was dipt all over. and beleeves he renounced his former baptisme #noate that he still afflected notwithstanding the former confession att'st).

*John Higginson #(Just' peace)

Sam'll Wardwell. owned: to the grand Inquest: that: the above written: Confession: was: taken: from: his mouth and that he had s'd it: but: he s'd he belyed: himselfe:: he also s'd it was alone one: he: knew he should dye for it: whether: he ownd it or no

Sept'r 13'th 1692.
(Reverse) Samuel Wardell his Examination & Confesion
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 28 )