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SWP No. 72.23

(Deposition of Jacob Foster v. Elizabeth How )

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[June 30, 1692]

The deposion of Jacob foster aged about 29 years this deponant saith that some years agoe good wife How the wife of Jeames how was a bout to Joyne with the church of Ipswich My father was an instrumentall means of her being denyed admision quickly after my mare was turned out to grass on the tusday: and on thursday I went to seek my mare to go to lecture I sought my mare and could not find her I sought all friday and found her not on saturday I sought till noon & I found my mare standing leaning with her butocks against a tree I hit her with a small whip she gave a heave from a tree and fell back to the tree again then I took of her fetters and struck her again she did the same again then I set my shoulder to her side and thrust her of from the tree and moved her feet then she went home and leapt into the pausture and my mare lookt as if she had been miserably beaten and a bused

Jacob Foster: declared: the evidence: to be the truth before the Jury of inquest: on oath June 30: 92

(Reverse) Jacob Foster

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 336. )