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SWP No. 81.5

(Petition of Rebecca Fox for Rebecah Jacobs )

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[? December 6, 1692]

To his Excellency S'r William Phips Kn't Govern'r & the Honourable Council now setting at Boston, the Humble Petition of Rebeccah Fox of Cambridge

Showeth that whereas Rebecah Jacobs (daughter of your Humble Petitioner ) has a long time, even many Months now lyen in Prison for Witchcraft, & is well known to be a Person Craz'd Distracted & Broken in mind, Your Humble Petitioner does most humbly & earnestly seek unto Your Excellency & to Your Hon'rs for releif in this case:

Your Petitioner who knows well the Condition of her poor Daughter, together with severall others of good repute and creditt are ready to offer their Oaths, that the s'd Jacobs is a Woman Craz'd, Distracted & Broken in her mind, & that She has been so these twelve Years & upwards;

However for (I think) about this half Year the s'd Jacobs has lyen in Pris[obar ] & yet remaines there attended with many sore Difficulties:

Christianity & Nature do each of them oblige Your Petitioner to be very Solicitous in this matter, and altho many weighty cases do exercise Your thoughts, Yet Your Petitioner can have no rest in her mind, till such time as she has offer'd this her addresse on behalf of her daughter:

Some have dyed already in Prison, and others have been dangerously sick, & how soon Others, & among them my Poor Child, by the Difficulties of this Confinem't may be sick & dye, G'd only knows:

She is uncapable of making that shift for her self that others can do, & such are her circumstances on other accounts that Your Petitioner who is her tender Mother has many great Sorrows & almost overco[mbar ]ing burthens on her mind upon her account, but in the midst of all her [pbar ]plexities and troubles (next to supplicating to a Good & Mercifull God) Your Petitioner has no way for help but to make this her afflicted conditi[obar ] known unto You, So not doubting but Your Excellency & Your Honours will readily hear the cries & Groans of a Poor Distressed Woman and grant what help and enlargem't You may Your Petitioner heartily beggs God's gracious presence with You and Subscribes her self in all humble manner

Your Sorrowfull and Distressed Petitioner
Rebeccah Fox

(On reverse side of paper)
Rebecca Fox her Pet'con
( Massachusetts Archives Collection, Vol. 135 No. 76, Massachusetts Archives, Boston. )