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SWP No. 81.6

(Petition of Rebecca Fox )

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[September 10, 1692]

To the Hon'ble: William Stoughton Esq'r Cheif Judge of Their Maj'ties Special Court of Oyer & Terminer Holden at Salem &c The Humble Petition of Rebecca Fox Sheweth

That Whereas Rebeccah Jacobs (daughter to the Humble Petitioner ) has long lyen in Prison for Witchcraft, & she at some times has uttered hard words of her self as tho she had killed her Child, which words are much accounted of as is famed

These may acquaint your Hon'r that the s'd Rebeccah Jacobs is a Woman broken & distracted in her mind, & that she has been so at times above these 12 Years, & this I am ready to take my oath to, & I can bring several Others that will do the same & therefore

Your Humble Petitioner thought her self bound in Conscience for your Hon'r's informatio to declare the same to Your Hon'r & Prays that due regard may be had thereto, that so there may not be stresse laid on the Confession of a Distracted Woman to the Prejudice of her life; So not doubting of your Hon'r's Integrity in this Matter Your Petitioner prays to God Almighty, that Wisedome may not be witholden from your Hon'r. who is Wise, & subscribes her Self

Hon'ble S'r Your Hon'r's Dutiful Servat and Humbl Petition'r
Rebecca Fox
( Witchcraft Papers, no. 28c Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA., Boston, MA., Boston. )