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SWP No. 85.1

(Examination of Stephen Johnson )

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[September 1, 1692 ]

1st Sept: 92 Before Maj'r: Gidney Mr: Hathorne Mr: Corwin & Jno Higginson Esq'r:

The Examination & Confession of Steph'n: Johnson aged 14 Yeares --

In the time of his Examinat'n he afflicted Martha: Sprauge Mary lacy & Rose fostt'r: by looking on them & Recovered them again by laying his hand Upon there Rist or arme & at last Conffesed thus -- that @ hilling time this Su[mbar ] being alone he Saw a Speckled bird not soe big as a pigeon which Spake to him & the Next day he Saw a black Catt & after that Came a black man who told him he must Set his hand to a book & Soe [pbar ]rsented him a Single paper to which he Sett his hand being asked after w't maner he did it he Said he prickt his fing'r: & blood Came out & he Stampt his fing'r: Upon the paper & made a red Mark He S'd that he was also to Serve the Black man one Year & his Servis was to afflict prsons & further that the Divel asked him to give up him Self Soul & body to him & Soe he did & thinks also that the Divel was to Have him at the Years End being asked w't he was to have of the Divel for his Service s'd a pair of french fall Shouses w'ch he never yett had He Saith also that he was baptized at Shaw Shim River alittle after he Saw the Divel the first time. The Ma[nbar ]er was thus having ben at work at Benja: abbotts he went alone in the Evening to Swim In the Watt'r: & there mett w'th: the black Man who told him he must be his Servant & must be also baptized & Soe the black man took him Up & flung in his Whole body over the bank into the Watt'r: being Ready Stript before to goe in him Self, & [then] then this black man told him he must be his & must Renounce his first baptizime & Soe he did he Saith their was also a couple of Mades & 2 Men he Conffess that Yersterday he afflicted Martha Sprauge & that he did it by Squeezing his hands together he Conffesses also that he and the Rest of his Comp'y: did Daunce at Moses Tylers House & Made Martha Sprauge Sing he Says he is Sorry for w't he has done Renounces the Divel & all his Works & then Could Take the afflicted by the Hand w'th out hurting of them --

Stephen Johnson Signed & owned the above S'd Examination & Conffesion

The Marke of Stephen Johnson
15 Sept: 92.
Before Me *Jno Higginson Just'e peace
( Essex Institute Collection, no. 24, 10r, James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem. )