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SWP No. 137.4

(Return of a Jury of Inquest on the Death of Daniel Wilkins )

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We whose names are underwritten being warned by Constable John putnam of Salem this 17 of may 1692 to veiw the body of daniell wilknes of Salem village deceased and we find several bruised places upon the back of the said corps and the skin broken and many places of the gratest part of his back seemed to be prickt with an instriment about the bigness of a small awl and own side of his neck and ear seemed to be much bruised to his throat and turning the corps the blood Run out of his nose or mouth or both and his body not swel'd neither did he purge elce whare: and to the best of our judgments we cannot but #[thinks] Apprhend but that he dyed an unnaturall death by sume cruell hands of wicthcraft or diabolicall art as is evident to us both by what we have seen and heard consarning his death.

Salem village this 17th of may 1692

* Nathanell Putnam

* Thomas fuller Sen

* Jonathan Walcott Sen

* Nathanail Ingersoll

* Thomas Flint

* William way

* Thomas fuller j

* Joseph harrick

* Thomas Haynes

* Edward Putnam

* Daniell Rea

* John Putnam Jun

All the abovenamed twelfe men the Jury of Inquest made oath to the truth of there aboves'd Returne Salem

May the 18'th 1692
Before us
* John Hathorne
* Jonathan Corwin
per ord'r of the Governor & Councill
Coroners Enquest against Willard. May 17, 1692 ( Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts [ 1939 acquisition ])