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SWP No. 106.26

(Petition of Elizabeth Proctor to Recover the Estate of John Proctor )

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To the Honourable Generall Court Asembled at Boston may twenty seventh 1696

the Humble petetion of Elizabeth procter widow and Relict of John proctor of salem decesed Humbly sheweth

that in the yere of our Lord 1692 when many persons in salem and in other towns ther about were accused by som evill disposed or strangly Influenced persons, as being witches or for being guilty of acting witchcraft my s'd Husband John procter and my selfe were accused of such and we both: my s'd Husband and my selfe were soe farr proceded against that we were Condemned but in that sad time of darkness before my said husband was executed it is evident som body had Contrived awill and brought it to him to sign wher in his wholl estat is disposed of not having Regard to a contract in wrighting mad with me before mariag with him; but soe it pleased god to order by his providence that although the sentanc was executed on my dere husband yet through gods great goodnes to your petitioner I am yet alive; sinc my husbands death the s'd will is proved and aproved by the Judg of probate and by that kind of desposall the wholl estat is disposed of; and although god hath Granted my life yet those that claime my s'd husbands estate by that which thay Call awill will not suffer me to have one peny of the Estat nither upon the acount of my husbands Contract with me before mariage nor yet upon the acount of the dowr which as I humbly conceive doth belong or ought to belong to me by the law for thay say that I am dead in the law and therfore my humble request and petetion to this Honoured Generall Court is that by an act of his honoured Court as god hath Contenewed my life and through gods goodnes without feare of being put to death upon that sentanc you would be pleased to put me Into acapacity to make use of the law to Recover that which of Right by law I ought to have for my nessesary suply and support that as I your petetioner am one of his majestyes subjects I may have the benifett of his laws soe Humbly prayeng that god would direct your honnours in all things to doe that which may be well pleasing to him I subscrib your honours humble petetioner

Elizabeth procter widow
Read 10th June. 1692 [sic] in Council
(On reverse side of paper)
Elizebeth Procter her petetion 1696
( Mass. Archives Vol. 135, no. 109. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA. )