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SWP No. 32.2

(Summons of Witnesses v. Rachel Clenton )

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To the Constable of Ipswich

You are hereby required In their Majesties names to Su[mbar ]ons warne
& Require to appeare at the Court to be holden at Ipswich on the
morrow morning Viz't Mary Fuller sen'r & Mary fuller Junior
& Allexsander Thomson jur & Richard fitts & Doct: John Bridgham
& Thomas Maning & Nathaniel Burnam all of Ipswich & Thomas Knowlton jur & Mary Thorne To Give in their severall Evidences be-
fore the Court to Cleare up the Grounds of Suspition of Rachell Clenton Being a Witch & hereof faile not at Your perrill but make
a true returne under Your hand as the Law Directs --

P. Curiam *Thos Wade Cler.
I have served this warrant and read it to Rechell Clinton: this morn-
ing : and sezed hur Body: and Left hur in the hands of Samuell Ordeway: [to] have in the Court house Against your honoures shall
Call for hur and I have Red the severeall warrants one the other
sid written this morning save only Richard fitts and Mary Thorne
and Richard fitts I could not find and Mary Thorne is not well: as
witness my hand
*Joseph Fuller ,
Constable of Ipswich:
Dated this 29'th March 1692
( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 31, docket 2660, p. 140.)