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SWP No. 125.4

(Examination of Tituba )

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The Examination of Titibe

(H) Titibe what #(sp) evil spirit have you familiarity with

(T) none

(H) why doe you hurt these children,

(T) I doe not hurt them

(H) who is it then #(the de)

(T) the devil for ought I #(ken) know

(H) did you never see the devil,,

(T) the devil came to me and bid me serve him

(H) who have you seen)

(T) 4 women #(and) sometimes hurt the children,

(H) who were they?

(T) goode Osburn and Sarah good and I doe not know who the other were Sarah good and osburn would have me hurt the children but I would not shee furder saith there was a tale man of Boston t#(w)hat shee did see

(H) when did you see them)

(T) Last night at Boston

(H) what did they say to you they said hurt the children

(H) and did you hurt them #(no)

(T) no there is 4 women and one man they hurt the #(s) children and then lay all upon hure and they tell me if I will not hurt the children they will hurt me

(H) but did you not hurt them

(T) yes but I will hurt them no more

(H) are you not sorry you did hurt them.

(T) yes.

(H) and why then doe you hurt them)

(T) they say hurt children or wee will doe worse to you

(H) what have you seen a man come to me and say serve me

(H) what service

(T) hurt the children and last night there was an appearnce that said #(K) Kill the children and if I I would no go on hurtang the children they would doe worse to me

(H) what is this appearance you see

(T) sometimes it is like a hog and some times like a great dog this appearance shee saith shee did see 4 times

(H) what did it say to you

(T) #(it s)the black dog said serve me but I said I am afraid he said if I did not he would doe worse to me

(H) what did you say to it

(T) I will serve you no longer then he said he would hurt me and then he lookes like a man and threatens to hurt me. shee said that this man had a yellow bird that keept with him and he told me he had more pretty things that he would give me if I would serve him

(H) what were these pretty things

(T) he did not show me them

(H) what else have you seen

(T) two cats a red cat and a black cat

(H) what did they say to you

(T) they said serve me

(H) when did you see them last

(T) Last night and they said serve me but #(shee) said I would not

(H) what service

(T) shee said hurt the children

(H) did you not pinch Elizabeth Hubbard this morning

(T) the man brought her to me and made #(hur) me pinch her

(H) why did you goe to Thomas putnams Last night and hurt his child

(T) they pull and hall me and make goe

(H) and what wold have you doe Kill her with a knif Left. fuller and others said at this time when the child saw these persons and was tormented by them that she did complain of a knif that they would have her cut her head off with a knife

(H) how did you goe

(T) we ride upon stickes and are there presently

(H) doe you goe through the trees or over them

(T) we see no thing but are there presently

(H) why did you not tell your master

(T) I was afraid they said they would cut off my head if I told

(H) would not you have hurt others if you cold

(T) they said they would hurt others but they could not #(sh)

(H) what attendants hath Sarah good

(T) a yellow bird and shee would have given me one

(H) what meate did she give it

(T) it did suck her between her fingers

(H) Did not you hurt mr Currins child

(T) goode good and goode Osburn told that they did hurt mr Currens child and would have had me hurt him two but I did not

(H) what hath Sarah Osburn

(T) yesterday shee had a thing with a head like a woman with 2 leeggs and wings Abigail williams that lives with her uncle mr Parris said that shee did see this same creature #(with goode osburn and it turned into the shape of goode osburn & yesterday being(?)) and it turned into the shape of goode osburn

(H) what else have you seen with g osburn

(T) an other thinge hairy it goes upright like a man it hath only 2 leeggs

(H) did you not see Sarah good upon elisebeth #(Williams) Hubbar last Saterday

(T) I did see her set a wolfe upon her to afflict her the persons with this maid did say that shee did complain of a wolf

(T) shee furder said that shee saw a cat with good at another time

(H) what cloathes doth the man #(we) go in

(T) he goes in black cloathes a tal man with white hair I thinke

(H) how doth the woman goe

(T) in a white whood and a black whood with a top knot

(H) doe you see who it is that torments these children now

(T) yes it is goode good she hurts them in her own shape

(H) & who is it that hurts them now

(T) I am blind now I cannot see

Salem Village

March the 1't 1691/2

Written by.

Ezekiell Chevers
Salem Village March the 1't Sarah Goods Examination 1691/2
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 6 )