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SWP No. 94.24

( Deposition of Ann Putnam, Sr. , v. Rebecca Nurse , Sarah Cloyce , Sarah Bishop , and Elizabeth Cary )

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[++ June 2, 1692]

The Deposistion of Ann putnam the wife of Thomas putnam who testifieth and saith that on the first day of June 1692. the Apperishtion of Rebekah Nurs did again fall upon me and almost choak me and she tould me that now she was come out of prison she had power to afflet me and that now she would afflect me all this day long and would kil me if she could for she tould me she had kiled benjamine Holton and John fuller and Rebekah Shepard: and she also tould me that she and her sister Cloyes and Ed: Bhishop wife of of Salem village had kiled young Jno putnams Child because yong Jno putnam had said that it was no wonder they were witches for their mother was so before them and because they could not aveng themselves on him they did kill his child: and immediatly their did appere to me: six children in winding sheets which caled me aunt: which did most greviously affright me: and they tould me that they ware my sisters Bakers children of Boston and that gooddy Nurs and Mistris Cary of Charlstown and an old deaft woman att Boston had murthered them: and charged me to goe and tell these things to the magestrats or elce they would tare me to peaces for their blood did crie for vengance also their Appeared to me my own sister Bayley and three of hir children in winding sheets and tould me that gooddy Nurs had murthered them

(Reverse) Ann Putnam Sen'r against Rebekah Nurs

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 83 )