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SWP No. 119.5

(Mary Daniel Vs. Margaret Scott & Elizabeth Jackson)

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The Deposition of Mary Daniel aged nineteen yeers or
there ab'ts s'd Deponent testifyeth that upon the 2'd day
of the #(last) week last past, towards night, I was suddenly taken
very ill and went to lye down on a bed, soon after which, there
appeared to me the shape of some woman, who seemed to look and
speak most feircly and angrily, and beat; pinch'd and afflicted me very sorely
telling me I should not have sa#(a)id so, or told such things & to that purpose;
I cannot positively say whose shape it was that I saw the first fitt the next
night after, I was taken very ill again all over & felt a great prick-
-ing in the soles of my feet, and after a while I saw apparently the
shape of #(widow) margret Scott, who, as I was sitting in a chair by the fire
pulled me with the chair, down backward to the ground, and tormented
and pinch'd me very much, and I saw her go away at the door, in
which fit I was dumb and so continued till the next morning, finding
a great load and heaviness upon my tongue. In some of the fitts
that I had afterwards, I was sensless and knew not that I saw who it
was that afflicted me. In one fitt (upon the beginning it) I thought
I saw goodw Jackson and widow Scott come waking into the
chamber with y'r staves, one of them came & sat upon me so that
I could not stirr; Goodw Jackson I saw no more, no know I that
she did me any harm. In another fitt I saw the appearance of s'd Scott in the room
who afflicted me, and being speechless, I continued so, untill I
went to the s'd Scott, who taking me by the hand, I had the liberty
of speech again as formerly. The last fitt I had was upon
the last Sabb'th day, in which I saw the shapes of four women
or five, of whom widow Scott was one, the rest I knew not,
nor knew that any did hurt me, unless s'd widow Scott.
Rowley August 4, 1692

Mary Daniell owned: the truth of the above written evidence
#(upon as) to the Jury: of Inquest Sept'r 15: 1692.
M'r Edward Paison Made Oath that
Mary Daniil did declare as above
is written. attest, St: Sewall Cler
in Court at Salem Sep'r 16. 92 Mary Daniell dep'o Agst Mary Scott

Gage, Thomas. The History of Rowley. (Boston: Ferdinand Andres, 1840) 172-173