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SWP No. 119.6

(John Burbank and Daniel Wycomb Vs. Margaret Scott)

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Jno Burbanke De'po ag'st Margret Scott.
Daniel Wycomb

the testymony of Daniell Wicom ayged above fifty years
Who sayth that abought five ore sixs years a go Margret Scot of Rowlah came to my hous and asked me if she
might gleane corne in my felld i towld hir she might if
she woulld stay whilst my corne was ought of the feeld
s'd Scot s'd you will not get youer corne ought to night it
may be i tould hir i would s'd Scot s'd may be not: at that,
time my wife gave s'd Scot sum corne and then Scot
went a way and presently after s'd Scot was gon i went
with my cart and oxsen into the feeld for corne and when
i had lodid my cart i went to go home with my corne but
the oxsen would not draw the cart any ways bout from
home thof i wear not twenty Rod from my Door and i
coulld not get any corne ought of my felld that day the
next Day i touck the same oxsen and put them to the
cart and the s'd cart and the same lode of corne they did
draw a way with ease.
Jurat in Curia.

Capt. Dan'll Wycom owned: the above written evi-
dence to: be the truth before grand Inquest upon his oath
Jno: Burbank and Frances Wycom, attested: to: sub-
stance of this above written: evidence:: as: that: s'd Scott
s'd: it may be you will not gett: yor corn in to night
therefore let me glean to night: and that ye oxen would
not goe forward: but backward with the load of corn:
nor: the corn: could: none of it be gott in that night: be-
fore: s'd Inquest: Sept'r: 15: 1692.
Sworne in Court also by John Burbanke.

Thomas Gage, The History of Rowley. (Boston: Ferdinand Andres, 1840) 171-172