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SWP No. 68.1

(Examination of Dorcas Hoar )

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[2. May 2, 1692]

The Examination of Dorcas Hoar . 2. May. 1692 .

Severall of the afflicted fell into fits as soon as she was brought in

El iz: Hubbar d: said this woman hath afflicted me ever since last Sab: was seven night, & hurt me ever since, & she choakt her own husband.

Mar y Wal cot said she told me the same

Abi g: Willi ams saith this is the woman that she saw first before Tituba Indian or any else.

An n Put man said this is the woman that hurts her & the first time she was hurt by her was the Sab: was seven night.

Susa n: Shel don accused her of hurting her last moonday night.

Abi g: Willi ams & An n Putm an said she told them that she had choakt a woman lately at Boston

Eliz: Hubbard cryed why do you pinch me the mark was visible to the standers by. The Marshall said she pincht her fingers at that time.

Dorcas Hoar why do you hurt these?

I never hurt any child in my life.

It is you, or your appearance

How can I help it?

What is it from you that hurts these?

I never saw worse than my self

You need not see worse. They charge you with killing your huband

I never did, nor never saw you before

You sent for Goody Gale to cut your head off What do you say to that?

I never sent for her upon that account.

What do you say about killing your husband.

Susan: Sheldon also charged her that she came in with two cats, & brought me the book, & fell into a fit & told me your name was Goody Bukly .

No, I never did, I never saw thee before.

What black cats were those you had?

I had none.

Mary Walcot , Susan: Sheldon, & Abigail Williams said they saw a black man whispering in her ears.

Oh! you are liars, & God will stop the mouth of liars

You are not to speak after this manner in the Court

I will speak the Truth as long as I live.

Mary Walcot & Susan: Sheldon & Eliz: Hubbard said again there was a man whispering in her ear, & said she should never confess.

Good y Bibb er free from fits hitherto said there was a black man with her & fell into a fit.

What do you say to those cats that suckt your breast, what are they?

I had no cats.

You do not call them cats, what are they that suck you?

I never suckt none, but my child.

What do you say, you never saw Goody Bukly ?

I never knew her.

Goodm: Bukly testifyed that she had been at the house often.

I know you but not the woman

You said you did not know the Name.

Many by-standers testifyed she disowned that she knew the name

I did not know the name so as to goe to the woman

Susan: Sheldon & Abig: Williams cryed there was a blew bird bird gone into her back.

The Marshall struck, & several of the by-standers testifyed that they saw a fly like a Millar.

What did you see goddy Bibber. who was looking up Goody Bibber was taken dumb.

What can you have no heart to confess.

I have nothing to do with witchcraft

They say the Devil is whispering in your ear.

I cannot help it if they do se it.

cannot you confess what you think of these things?

Why should I confess that I do not know.

Susan: Sheldon cryed O Goody Hoar do not kill me, & fell into a fit, & when she came to her self she said, she saw a black man whispering in her ear, & she brought me the book.

I have no book, but the Lords book.

What Lords book.

The Lords book

Oh said some of the afflicted there is one whispering in her ears. There is some body will rub your ears shortly, said the examinant Immediately they were afflicted, and among others Mercy Lewes. Why do you threaten they should be Rubb'd?

I did not speak a word of Rubbing.

Many testifyed she did.

My meaning was God would bring things to light.

Your meaning for God to bring the thing to light would be to deliver these poor afflicted ones, that would not Rubb them.

[On reverse side of Paper]

This is unusual impudence to threaten before Authority. who hurts them now.

I know not.

They were rubbed after you had threatened them.

Mary Walcot , Abigail Williams & Eliz: Hubbard were carried towards her, but they could not come near her

What is the reason these cannot come near you

I can not help it, I do them no wrong, they may come if they will Why you see, they cannot come near you

I do them no wrong

Note. The afflicted were much distressed during her examination. This is true account of the Examination of Dorcas Hoar without wrong to any party according to my original from characters at the moments thereof Witness my hand

*Sam Paris

Dorcas Hoar Examination

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft, Vol. 1 no. 206 )