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SWP No. 128.4

(Examination of Mary Toothaker)

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30th July 1692 The Examination & confession of widow Toothaker Taken
before Maj'r Gidney M'r Hauthorn M'r Corwin & Jno Higginson. -
After Many Questions propounded & Negative Answers #(propounded) Return'd
& her Stricking Dwone of Several of the afflicted p'rsons w'th Her looks,
She was Desired to tell the truth in this Matter, She then S'd that this May last
She was under great Discontentednes & troubled w'th fear @ the #(Devill) Ind's & used often to Dream of fighting w'th them being asked what was the
Divels Temptation under her Discontentment She Said She would confes if She
Could But that their was Somthing at her breast that hindred her, She S'd She had
often prayed but thought she was the worse for praying & knows not but
that the Divel has tempted her Not to pray for her breath was almost Stopt
as it was Just Now, Being asked if the Divel did not tempt her to renounce
her baptizm She answered that that She had #(that) thought She was n#(e)ather the
worse for her baptizing & has wished She had not ben bapt'ed because
She had not Improved it as She ought to have done She sai#(d)th She used
to gett into a Corner alone & Desired to pray but her mouth was Stopt
but Somtimes She has ben helped to Say Lord be Mercyfull to me a Siner
being asked again how far She had yelded to Sattan she S'd the Divel
Promised her She Should not be Discovered, And if she were Discovered
& brought Dwone yett She Should goe home Innocent & Clear but now
finds he has Deluded her, Bing again asked how long it is Since Satan first
wrought wth her in this Manner She S'd She could not tell how long but thinks
it is not two Years & Confessed that She went In her Spirit to Timo Swans
& did often think of him & her hands Would be Clinched together And that
She would grip the Dishclout or any thing Else & Soe think of pe'sons
And by this & afflicting of others Since She Came Dwone She is Convinced
She is a witch ---- She Saith now the Divel apeared to her in the Shap
of a Tawny Man & promised to Keep her from the Indians & Should have
happy Dayes w'th her Son -- She was asked if She did not Signe the --
Divels booke Answ'r he brought me Something #(like) which She to Be a peice of burch bark & She
made a mark w'th her finger by Rubing of the white Scruf & he promised
if She would Serve him She Should be Safe from the Ind's (She was then
a litle Stopt again & believed it was the Divel that did it) being asked
if the Divel did not Say She was to Serve him A Yes and Signed the
Mark upon that Condition & was to praise him w'th her whole hart &
it was to that aperance She prayed at all tymes for he Said he

was able to Deliver her from the Indians. & it was the fear of the Ind's that put her upon
it She Confesses She hurt Timo Swan and thinks She was twice at Salem Village
Witch Metting & that Good'e Bridges was one of her Company She S'd as She
Came along in order to her Examination She promised her Self twenty times
By the way (but feales it was to the Divel) that if She Should Dye upon the
Gallows. Yett She would not Say any thing but that She was Innocent & rejoyced
In (the thoughts of) it that She #(they) Should goe home Inocent -- She Saith that Good'e Green
& Good'e Broomage were also her Companyons & that broomage afflicted Swan
by Squesing his armes And is afraid that She the S'd Toothaker Squeezed his --
Throate--She S'd further that when Good'e bridges (who Had Confesed befor)
Urged her also to Confes She had no Remembrance of this but w'th the Justices--
Discourse & the help of god it Came unto her mind She Saith She thought
that that apperance was god her Creator & being asked if She did not now
otherwise A the Divel is Soe Subtil that when She would Confes he Stops her
& Deluds also by Scripture & being asked w't Scripture he made Use of to her
She mentioned that In the #(Samle) Psalmes where it is Said Lett my Enimies Be
Confounded And So She has wished them all destroyed that raised such reports of her
She Confesses that her Sister was w'th her at all the Mett'gs & particularly at Salem
Village & their went w'th her Good'e Bridges foster Goody Green & Good'e Broomage
--Severall of the afflicted pe'sons Said thay Saw the black man before her
In the time of her Examination & She Now her Self Confeses She Saw him
Upon the table befor her She Says further ther was a Minister a little man
Whose Name Is Burroughs that preached at the Village Metting of witches, &
She Heard that they Used bread & wine thes Metting & that they did talk of 305
Witches in the Country She Saith their Discourse was about pulling Dwone the
Kingdome of Christ & Setting Up the Kingdome of Satan And also knew Goody
How among the Rest Being asked if their was not a woeman that Stared
them Up to afflict Swan--A Yes their was a pretty Elderly woeman that was
most busie about him & Encouraged the rest to afflict him She thinks #(Sje ing)
She Sett her hand to that book at Salem Village Metting & --
thinks the End of all ther Setting their hands to that Book was to Come In & afflict
& Sett Up the Divel Kingdome She being asked if her husband did not Speak
to his Daughter to Kill on Button a reputted witch A Yes & that thay
Used to read many #(Histo) Histories Especially one book that treated of the 12
Signes from w'ch book they could #(Could) told tell, a greate Deal, She Saith
She Never New her Daughter to be in that Condision before this Sum[m bar]er
Butt that She was at Salem Village Metting once w'th her, can not
tell that her Daughter then Did Signe the book but a great many did being asked
how many ware of her Society She S'd Good'e Broomage foster & Green
the two Mary Laceys Rich'd Carrier her Siste Carr'r & another aged
Woeman She Saith She heard the bettinge of a Drum at the Village
Metting & Thinks also She heard ye Sound of a Trumpet --

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