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SWP No. 135.2

(Examination of Mary Warren in Prison)

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Mary Warrens Examination in Salem Prison

She Testifys that Her master Proctor was always very averse to the putting up Bills for publick prayer.

Qu: Did you not know it was the Devils book when you Signed?

A: No, But I thought it was no good book.

Q: after you had a Mark in the Book what did you think then?

A: Then I thought it was the Devil's book.

Q. How did you come to know your Master, and Mistris were Witches?

A. The Sabbath Even after I had put up my note for thanks in publick, my Mistris appeared to mee, and puld mee out of the Bed, and told mee that Shee was a witch and had put her hand to the Book, she told me this in her Bodily person, and that This Examinant might have known she was a Witch, if she had but minded what Books she read in.

Q. what did she say to you before you tormented the Children?

A. The night after she told mee she was a Witch, she in [pbar ]son told mee this Examinant, that my self and her son John would quickly be brought out for witches.

This Examinant saith that Giles Cory in apparition told her, the night before that the Magistrates were goeing up to the farms to bring down more witches to torment her. Moreover being in a dreadful fit in the prison she Charged it on Giles Cory, who was then in Close prison, affirming that he came into the Room where she was, and afflicting her, Charged her not to Come into the Other Room while he was Examining. But being sent for and he Commanded to look upon her, He no sooner turned his face to her but shee fel into a dreadful fit again. and upon her Recovery Charged him to his face with being the procurer of it. Moreover the said Cory in prison formerly threatned her that he would fitt her for itt, because he told her she had Caused her Master to ask more for a peice of Meadow than he was willing to give she Likewise in her fitt in the Other Room before she had seen Giles Cory in person, Charging him with afflicting off her, described him in all his garments, both of hat Coat and Colour of them with a Cord about his wast, and a white Cap on his head, and in Chains, as several then in Company Can affirm.

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 30 )