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SWP No. 37.12

The deposition of Eliz: booth and Alice Booth v. Giles Cory

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[?? September 16, 1692 ]

The deposistion of Eliz: booth the wife of George booth & Allies
Booth who testifie and say that on the 12'th of this Isant Sept'r at
the widow Shaflin's house in Salem their appeared to us a grate num-
ber of wicthes as neare as we could tell about fifty thirteen of which
we knew:who did Receive the sacriment in our right amongst whicth
we saw Giles Cory who brought to us bread and wine urging us to
pertake thereof: but because we Refused he did most greviously
afflect and torment us: and we beleve in our hearts that Giles Cory is
a wizzard and that he has often affleted us and sevroll others by acts
of wicthcraft

Elizabeth Booth's mark
Allice Booth's mark,

(Reverse) Boothese Giles Cory
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 91)