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SWP No. 125.3

(Summary of Examinations of Tituba , Sarah Good , and Sarah Osborne )

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Salem Village March 1'st 1691

Titiba an Indian Woman brought before us by Const' Jos Herrick of Salem upon Suspition of Witchcraft by her Commited according to the Compl't of Jos. Hutcheson & Thomas Putnam &c of Salem Village as appeares p Warrant granted Salem 29 febr'y 1691/2 Titiba upon Examination and after some denyall acknowledged the matter of fact. according to her Examination given in more fully will appeare. and who also charged Sarah Good and Sarah Osburne with the same, Salem Villag March the 1'th 1691/2

Sarah Good Sarah Osborne and Titiba an Indian Woman all of Salem Village Being this day brought before us upon Suspition of Witchcraft &c by them and Every one of them Committed. titiba an Indian Woman acknowledging the matter of fact. and Sarah Osburne and Sarah Good denying the same before us: but there appeareing. in all theire Examinations sufficient Ground to secure them all. And in order to further Examination thay Ware all p mittimus sent to the Goales in the County of Essex.

Salem March 2'd Sarah Osburne againe Examined and also titiba as will appear in their Examinations given in

titiba againe acknowledged the fact & also accused the other two. Salem March 3'd Sarah Osburn and titiba Indian againe Examined. the Examination now Given in

titiba againe s'd the same

Salem March 5'th Sarah Good and titiba againe Examined. & in theire Examination titiba acknowledg the same she did formerly and accused the other two-aboves'd --

titiba againe s'd the same

p us *John Hathorne ] Assis'ts

*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assis'ts

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 7 )

Salem March the 7'th 1691/2 Sarah Good Osbrune and Titiba an Indian Woman all sent to the Goale in Boston according to. theire Mittimuses then sent; to Theire Majest's Goale Keeper