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SWP No. 63.4

(Examination of Sarah Good )

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[March 1, 1692]

Salem Village March the 1t. 1691/2

Sarah Good the wife of Wm Good of Salem Village Labourer Brought before us:by George Locker Constable in Salem, to Answer Joseph Hutcheson Thomas putnam &c of Salem Village yeomen (Complainants on behalfe of theire Majesties) against s'd Sarah Good for suspition of Witchcraft by her Committed and thereby much Injury don to the Bodys of Elizabeth parris Abigaile Williams Anna putnam & Elizabeth Hubert all of Salem Village afore'd according to theire Complaints as p'r warrants.

Dated Salem March 29th, 1691/2

Sarah Good upon Examination denyed the matter of fact (viz) that she ever used any witchcraft; or hurt the abovesaid Children or any of them, The above named Children being all present positively accused her of hurting of them Sundry times within this two moneths and also that morneing

Sarah Good denyed that she had been:at theire houses in s'd tyme, neere them, or had don them any hurt all the abovesaid children then presente accused her face to face, upon which they ware all dredfully tortred & tormented for a short space of tyme, and the affliction and torters being over they charged s'd Sarah Good againe that she had then soe tortered them, and came to them and.did itt. althow she was personally then keept at a Considerable distance from them Sarah Good being Asked if that she did not then hurt them; who did it, And the children being againe tortered, she looked upon them, And said that it was one of them Wee brought into the house with us, Wee Asked her who it was, shee then Answered and Said it was Sarah Osburne, and Sarah Osburne was then under Custody & not in the house; -- And the children being quickley after recovered out of there fitt sayd. that itt was Sarah Good and also Sarah Osburne that then did hurt & torment or aflict them -- althow both of them at the same time at adistance or Remote from them personally; -- their ware also sundry other Questions put to her & Answers given thereunto by her. according as is also given in.

John Hathorne Assists.

per us

Jonathan. Corwin

Salem March the 7th: 1691/2

Sarah Good Sarah Osburne and Titiba an Indian Woman all sent to the Goale in Boston according to theire mittimuses then sent: to theire Majests Goale Keeper

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 14 )