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SWP No. 63.27

(Deposition of Mary Walcott v. Sarah Good )

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[June 28, 1692 ]

The Deposistion of Mary wolcott agged about 17 years who testifieth and saith that sence I have been afflected I have often seen the Aperishtion of sarah good amongst the wicthes who has also afflected me and urged me writ in hir book

The Mark of Mary Walcot

Mary welcott ownid this har testimony to be the truth one har oath:before the Jurrars for Inqwest this 28. of June 1692
also mary walcott testifieth that I have seen sarah good afflicting mercy lewes and Elizabeth Hubberd and Abigail williams and I verily beleve she bewicthed me
(Reverse) Mary Wallcott ag't Sarah Good
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 24 )